mid 2014 to present

  • Ilfracombe Recreation Centre

  • Isisford Community Hall

  • Isisford Community Hall

  • Longreach Civic Centre, Chambers and Regional Office

  • Yaraka Community Hall

  • Ilfracombe Council Depot

  • Ilfracombe Council Offices

  • Ilfracombe  Water Treatment Plant

  • Isisford Council Depot

  • Isisford Council Offices

  • Longreach Childcare Centre

  • Middlemount Water Treatment Plant

  • Longreach Council Depot

  • Longreach Showgrounds

  • Dysart Civeo Sewerage Pump Station

  • Qld Agricultural Training Colleges (Longreach)

  • Aramac Primary Health Care Clinic

mid 2015 to present

  • Ilfracombe Recreation Centre Upgrade

  • Isisford Community Hall Upgrade

  • Longreach Civic Centre, Chambers and Regional Office Upgrade

  • Yaraka Community Hall Upgrade

  • Longreach Sewerage Pump Station #2 Upgrade

  • Longreach Showground Upgrade

  • Ilfracombe Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

  • Longreach Truck Refill Pump Station Design

  • Longreach Depot Upgrade

  • Longreach Civic Centre Standby Emergency Generator SOW

  • Yaraka Town Hall Emergency Generator SOW

  • Isisford Offices Upgrade

  • Ilfracombe Depot Upgrade

  • Tocal Road Landfill Supply Upgrade

  • Isisford Town Hall Upgrade



mid 2015 to present

  • Longreach Water Treatment Works - rectified longstanding tripping issue on plant electrical supply.

  • Longreach Council Offices – provision of power quality report on supply within this building.

  • Griffith Airport – provision of systems interface drawing for runway lighting modifications.

  • Longreach Civic Centre and Chambers – provided design and documentation for installation of standby generator for Disaster Management Team and Community Support Services.