Power quality refers to the ability of electrical equipment to consume the energy being supplied to it. A number of power quality issues including electrical harmonics, poor power factor, voltage instability and imbalance impact on the efficiency of electrical equipment and can lead to equipment thermal damage in some cases.

EA&CE can provide the following investigative and analysis service:

  1. Attach  power quality meter to the system and monitor parameters of concern.

  2. Record voltage and current parameters over period of time dependent on data requirements.

  3. Download data and analyse in software application.

  4. Create and deliver report on findings.

Power Quality Parameters

  • Power frequency

  • Supply voltage variation

  • Rapid voltage changes 

  • Supply voltage dips

  • Supply voltage swells 

  • Voltage interruptions 

  • Flicker 

  • Supply voltage unbalance

  • Transient overvoltages 

  • Harmonics

  • Interharmonics 

  • Mains signaling 

  • Notching and noise 

  • Integrating interval 

  • Cumulative frequency 

  • Evaluation against standard’s limits 

  • Nominal and declared voltage