A typical audit process provides Clients with:

  1. Report detailing all as-found issues risk-rated with prioritised rectification schedules.

  2. General Arrangement Drawing/s (GA) identifying location, equipment details and circuit identity of the system electrical equipment.

  3. Software Model – modelled in the latest version of PowerCad-5 providing the following reports as minimum:

    • Distribution

      • Substation

      • Fault Levels

      • Voltage Drops

      • Current Carrying Capacities

      • Circuit Protection

      • Earth Fault Loop Impedance

      • Cable & Conduit Data

      • Maximum Demand

    • Switchboard/s

      • Connected Loads

      • Switchboard Detail

    • Arc Flash Hazard

      • Arc Flash Report to IEEE 1584, or

      • Arc Flash Report to NENS 09

    • Discrimination Study detailing

      • Time Current Curves

      • Protection details & adjustable settings

  4. Single Line Diagram/s (SLD) of the system electrical system.